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Nia Technique
at the Active Zone
REVOLUTIONARY BODY-MIND FITNESS FUSION Rich   in   diversity,   Nia   is   energetically   textured   with   the   brilliance   of   Eastern   and   Western Movements.   It   is   layered   and   exciting,   blending   martial   arts,   dance   arts   and   healing   arts (including   yoga)   to   create   a   cardiovascular   programme   that   uses   whole-body,   expressive   and grounded movement. Nia   is   so   kind   to   the   joints   that   it   is   usually   done   barefoot.   Nia   is   based   on   the   seeking pleasure   and   not   pain,   developing   sensory   awareness   and   resulting   in   a   body-mind   workout. Nia   is   adaptable   to   all   levels   of   fitness,   all   ages   and   body   types,   including   those   with   special limitations. Nia enables you to move in your own way, and focus on what you need! Some of the benefits of Nia: Enables weight loss & proper weight management Strengthens muscles & improves muscle tone Calms the mind & relieves stress Heightens sexual function Increases mobility, flexibility, stamina & vitality Strengthens immunity & organ function Alleviates emotional problems, including depression & anxiety Better circulation & postural alignment Dress: Come dressed ready to move! Contact: / 082 8012209 OR / 083 6040366. For more information on The Nia Technique and to see it in action, visit  "Photographs provided by Nia Technique"
Enquiries: 082 801 2209 OR             083 604 0366
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